We were invited by adidas to pitch for the launch of 2018's FIFA World Cup football.

We presented a campaign that would pay off adidas football’s brand line – ‘Here to Create’ – while informing fans that this is the world’s first NFC-enabled ball.

That NFC technology is able to activate an experience on our audience’s phone. But adidas weren’t sure what that experience should be.

Our idea? To launch the world’s first connected football, we’d connect players from around the world, inviting them to challenge each other to tests of skill, style and creativity.

We called it Telstar Transmissions, a platform that would allow fans to make a name for themselves. Because we know that, for this younger generation of football fans, watching the game on TV isn’t enough. They want to be part of it.

Here’s our manifesto film, and some assets we created for the winning pitch.