Harrison’s Fund, a Duchenne charity, are a pro bono client. They came in with a loose brief to do something around Christmas. It went out to the entire Creative Department, and I’m happy to say that my idea went forward.

Working with another writer, we came to the conclusion that everyone loves moaning at Christmas. At the same time, for children with Duchenne, taking part in the simple festive activities we take for granted can be a struggle.

So we set out to turn a negative into a positive: a donation to Harrison’s Fund. Our Bah Humbug Box acted like a swear box, giving people the opportunity to make amends for all their festive moans, whilst raising money for a cure.

When it came to the following Christmas, Harrison’s Fund wanted to go again. So with zero budget, and the help of 40 North London school kids, we created a Christmas carol using the moans we’d received the year before.